Grey alloy

Cast Iron was probably the most popular material at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. It was used not only in architecture but also in funeral decoration and in the applied arts. It is nowadays no longer in such high demand. The handmade sand moulds, as they are still used at the Stara Hut Foundry have almost become a rarity. There is a new furnace of the latest technology but the moulds are still produced by hand. This is what enables production of even single pieces from the original supplied; such as, door handles, railings, commemorative plaques, medals and statues.

In the last few years the foundry has improved both in quality and in the variety of items produced. Co-operation with designers has created our own styles of benches, bollards, bike racks, tree protectors, staircases and also street names and numbers. Most of our production is still tailor made and in limited editions.